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Thousands of manufacturers and importers submitted premarket tobacco product applications (PMTAs) to the Food and Drug Administration by the Sept. 9, 2020, deadline to continue selling their products in the United States. How have these applications fared? Who will remain in the market and who willl exit? Keep up with the latest developments in market authorizations in this dedicated section of our website.

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Best of Both Worlds

A new device is slated to offer the cigarette-like flavor of combustibles with the ease of vaping.

More to NJOY

As Altria sheds the burden of Juul, its leaders are hoping investors ‘Njoy’ the company’s new outlook.

Vaping in Ireland

Vaping is growing in Ireland’s smaller cities, but combustibles are still king in Dublin.

Mixed Messages

The head of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products sent mixed messages during a recent event.

Quitting is Easy

It seems to be very difficult for many politicians and think-tankers to change their minds.

Issue 2 of 2023 introduces the new FAV vaping device developed by Avail Vapor's founders. We delve into Altria and the impacts of it dropping Juul and adding Njoy. Maria Verven talks with industry insiders about the FDA’s new set of proposed TPMPs. Vapor Voice also visits Ireland for the first time.

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Disposable Debate

Two popular disposable vaping devices, Hyde IQ and Elf Bar BC5000, each have their faults and merits.

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