• January 15, 2021

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Exposing Nicotine

The film “You Don’t Know Nicotine,” exposes the confusion and falsehoods in the nicotine industry.

Predicting the PMTA

Post-PMTA, vapor product choices may become limited for consumers who want to quit smoking.

Change of the Guard

Given the Covid-19 crisis, the new president will be under pressure to appoint a new FDA commissioner.

no smoking

Eyes on the Prize

Even with new technology, quitting ‘cold turkey’ remains a legitimate strategy in pursuit of better health.

Restrictive Sales

The patchwork of laws surrounding ENDS products creates significant regulatory uncertainty.

aaron biebert cover 6 2020
In the final issue of 2020 we visit with You Don’t Know Nicotine director Aaron Biebert. We also look at the vapor industry under a Biden administration and how a “patchwork quilt” of rules and regulation around the U.S. complicate matters for online retailers.

Hidden Secrets of FEELM Heating Technology


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