• September 20, 2020

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Bad for Business

While there is little evidence that flavor bans prevent youth use, bans are forcing businesses to close.

Modified Exposure

Philip Morris Products receives the first modified-exposure order for an ENDS product for IQOS.

Changing the Tune

Authorities should create independent bodies to evaluate the science behind vapor.

Winners and Losers

While sales of all tobacco products have been up slightly in 2020, the greatest growth was in cigarettes.

Applied and Accepted

EAS is the first vapor company to announce its PMTA has been accepted and filed with the FDA.

This issue visits the vapor industry's most valuable company, Smoore Technology. There is also an overlook of the vapor market during the Covid-19 pandemic and E-Alternative Solutions has the first PMTA acceptance and filing letters from the U.S. FDA.

Hidden Secrets of FEELM Heating Technology


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