• August 7, 2020

Trademark dispute over Blu e-cigarettes

Zippo Manufacturing Company (ZMC), maker of the Zippo® lighter, and its subsidiary ZippMark, said on Tuesday that they were suing LOEC Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lorillard, for alleged trademark infringement, according to a ZFC press note issued through PRNewswire.

Zippo’s lawsuit, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, seeks to prevent LOEC from selling its e-cigarettes under the brand name “blu” because of Zippo’s ownership of the trademark BLU® for its line of blue-flame butane lighters.

“Despite our attempts to resolve this matter amicably, Zippo has been compelled to seek the court’s assistance to protect our Blu trademarks,” said Zippo president and CEO Gregory Booth.

“Zippo is instantly recognizable because we have long understood the value of our brand and the need to vigorously protect it against use by others.

“Our Blu trademarks are similarly valuable and will be similarly protected.”

Zippo’s trademark infringement claim was said to have come in response to LOEC seeking a declaratory judgment of non-infringement.