• August 7, 2020

Essentra expands its offering to include smokeless nicotine products service

Essentra is offering the full package.
Essentra is offering the full package.

Essentra PLC is offering to supply to its customers tailor-made smokeless nicotine products based on Essentra “proofs of concept.”

“The e-cigarette market is growing extremely rapidly, and it is therefore essential that Essentra—not only as a trusted partner to the tobacco industry through its Filter Products and Packaging businesses, but more broadly as an innovator—identifies and responds to the evolving market trends which face our customers in a way that enables us to continue to add value to them,” said Malcolm Waugh, group commercial director.

“We believe that Essentra is well-positioned as a B2B supplier to assist its customers with their requirements in the growing non-tobacco space, and that our ‘proofs of concept’—which can then be tailored to meet individual customer requirements—demonstrate the broad range of solutions which the overall Essentra Group can deliver.”

In a press note, Essentra said that, following extensive research and development, it had developed a number of fully functional and packaged prototypes to showcase to customers. Mainly, these products, which included e-cigarettes, aimed to provide end users with the same smoking experience they would obtain from traditional cigarettes, though they included, too, nicotine-free products.

“… through its range of businesses, Essentra is ideally placed to offer a full-service proposition to customers,” the press note said. “Essentra Extrusion can provide the plastic for the barrel of the product, with the company’s Components business having the capacity either to manufacture or source ancillary components.

“In addition, Essentra Porous Technologies is able to supply the material for the transfer of nicotine (or other liquids or vapors) to the end user while, with its proven abilities in folding carton, tear tape, labels, leaflets and security features, Essentra’s Packaging business can provide an extensive range of solutions.

“Meanwhile, as a trusted partner to the tobacco industry, Essentra Filter Products will continue to make the most of its strong and long-standing customer relationships.”

The Scientific Services division also has played an important role in the new venture.

“With the backing of analytical results from its accredited Scientific Services testing laboratory, Essentra identified a lack of consistency in performance as an issue in the e-cigarette market,” the press note said.

“As a result, one of the company’s critical propositions to customers is that its e-cigarette solutions are not only innovative, but also reliable, and deliver the traditional cigarette equivalent stated on the pack.”