• May 29, 2020

Mistic starts sourcing liquids in U.S.

purilum-smallMistic has begun sourcing its e-liquids from Purilum in Greenville, North Carolina, USA. Purilum develops and manufactures high-quality e-liquids and provides high-speed, fully automated bottling and cartomizer filling and assembly. The company will fill and assemble the Mistic brand of cartridges, as well as bottle and fill of Mistic’s Haus e-juices.

Earlier this year, Mistic announced its decision to move production from China to the U.S.

“We take pride in the fact that our e-liquids are produced in the United States,” said John Wiesehan Jr., CEO of Mistic. “With the transition of our production to Purilum’s state-of-the-art facility in North Carolina complete, Mistic and Haus are now two of the first American e-cig brands to be fully assembled and packaged in the U.S. on a national scale. This strategic move further strengthens our world-class supply chain management operations by cost savings and improved quality control.”

Already filling Mistic cartomizers, Purilum will continue to manufacture and fill bottles of Mistic’s Haus e-liquids. Each Haus e-liquid is individually shrink-wrapped and available in 10 ml tamper- and child-proof, slow-drip bottles. Like Haus, all of Mistic’s cartomizers are prefilled with the company’s proprietary Purilum-produced U.S.-made e-liquids. Each Mistic cartridge is individually capped at both ends, and available in three-, five- and 10-pack refills that are vacuum-sealed in tamper-proof blister packs, and encased in an outer packaging with a heat-sealed plastic wrapping.

“Purilum is proud to partner with Mistic, an innovator in the vapor category,” said Bianca Iodice, president of Purilum. “Our 60-plus combined years of flavoring and manufacturing expertise, in addition to our state-of-the-art production capabilities, pair perfectly with Mistic’s commitment to leadership and corporate responsibility, and will further help both organizations elevate the standard of quality for the manufacturing and assembly of electronic cigarettes and vapor products.”

Mistic will continue to import batteries, chargers, and other raw materials from China, while e-liquid production, product assembly, packaging, and the filling of all e-liquids, will be performed in Purilum’s U.S. manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

“It is important for our retailers and adult consumers to know that we are committed to the quality and integrity of our e-cig and vapor products,” added Wiesehan. “While moving our production to the U.S. further exemplifies our category leadership, it also is imperative that the retail industry continues its efforts to sell these products in age-restricted environments, such as our continued support of the ‘We Card’ program, which provides education and training on various local, state and federal rules and regulations.”