• August 7, 2020

Purilum opens e-liquid facility

Purilum officially opened its new e-liquid development, manufacturing and fulfillment center on Sept. 17. The state-of-the-art facility, located Greenville, North Carolina, USA, includes multiple ISO 8 class 100,000 clean-room environments, segregated nicotine and non-nicotine mixing rooms, and fully-automated bottle filling and assembly and cartomizer/clearomizer filling and assembly.

“The company was founded on the principles of using the purest ingredients and the latest technological advancements to deliver premium e-liquids and a consistent and reliable consumer experience,” says Purilum President Bianca Iodice. “This new facility will allow us to achieve these core principles as well as meet the capacity demands of this growing industry.”

In the flavor development lab, Purilum’s flavorists leverage their 60 years of combined experience and technical knowledge to ensure the highest standards of quality and taste. Flavorists work hands-on with each formulation, developing and refining e-liquids that deliver unique tastes, rich vapors, and satisfying aromas. In addition to creating original flavors for customers, Purilum can consistently reproduce proprietary blends that match brand requirements.

All ingredients are reviewed for suitability for inclusion by an independent toxicologist. Incoming raw materials enter a segregated quarantine room and are tested for purity. Once the purity testing is complete, flavorings, nicotine, and USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycol are delivered to their respective clean storage rooms where they are kept until needed for flavor development and mixing. E-liquid mixing and batching take place in segregated nicotine and non-nicotine clean-room environment mixing rooms. These separate ISO 8 class 100,000 clean rooms prevent cross-contamination, maintaining the company’s commitment to purity throughout the production process.

Purilum is particularly proud of its fully-automated e-liquid bottling and cartomizer/clearomizer filling machines. Bottles are filled using precision-metering pumps, and are then capped, labeled and safety-shrink wrapped. Cartomizers or clearomizers are precision filled, assembled and then resistance tested for smooth operation prior to exiting the machines. All products are laser printed with a unique production code, identifying the batch and lot number of each product to ensure full traceability from finished product back to all ingredients used. This process allows for a level of consistency and reliability in the customer experience that the next generation of e-liquid customers demand.