Reilly takes helm at Clearette

Clearette Electronic Cigarette Co. has named Edward Reilly as its new president and CEO. Reilly previously held the position of chief operating officer. He was preceded as CEO by Leonardo Lombardo.

Under Reilly’s command as COO, Clearette has expanded from a small e-cigarette company to a full vapor-tanks mods company. Reilly has spearheaded major strategy and technical shifts across Clearette’s portfolio of products, most notably in the company’s implementation of its laboratory and cleanroom facility.

Reilly is confident that sales will continue to surpass quotas as the firm focuses on its new U.S. line of premium e-liquids. He has implemented scrupulous regulations and has instituted company standards, which he believes will not only set the bar for other e-cigarette and VTM companies, but will exceed Clearette’s customers’ expectations.