• August 12, 2020

Davidoff London replaces cigarettes with vapor products

Davidoff London will remove several brands of cigarettes in preference for high-tech electronic vaping hardware and compatible “gourmet” liquids from Vapelux.

“We have been advised and work closely with Nick Roman from Vapelux to ensure we have a complete range of high quality and genuine products suitable for the novice to intermediate user,” says Eddie Sahakian, managing director of the flagship Davidoff store. “Our customers are impressed by the selection, which includes the popular Vapelux disposables, starter kits and the premium e-liquids, together with genuine hardware and accessories from various international brands.”

Ahead of EU regulations to be imposed on tobacco products, retailers are beginning to acknowledge the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes, where industry experts predict this category to overtake conventional tobacco products revenue within the next decade.

“This looks like a very interesting move,” said Clive Bates, public health blogger at The Counterfactual and former director, Action on Smoking and Health. “To the extent that tobacco vendors replace their cigarette brands with vapor products, they are shifting into a better, more credible business model. The customers are looking for a new value proposition—from vapor products they can find much of what they like about smoking, but without the serious health risks and other downsides of smoking.”

“It is very encouraging to see that such a classical and timeless retailer has decided to stock our entire product range,” says David Taylor, CEO of Vapelux. “Davidoff London has been established for many years predominantly in tobacco and smoking accessories with many famous clients including Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger and others, but they have made a very wise decision in dedicating display space to this exciting new category. Our ethos is to educate the general smoking public that there is something inherently different and elegant available and I am very happy that Davidoff London also shares this vision.”