• August 7, 2020

Clearette named Best E-Cigarette and Vapor Line 2014

Clearette Electronic Cigarette Co. was named Best E-Cigarette and Vapor Line for 2014 in a competition organized by  Ecig Review Central.

ECig Review Central gathered 25 leading vapor enthusiasts from around the United States. Judges were blind-folded and, over the course of six hours, they sampled 20 prominent e-cigarette brands. Each tester was given a 15-20 minute break between individual e-cigarettes. Judges rated taste, quality and delivery on a scale of one to 10.

This year, 21 out of the 25 judges rated Clearette’s line as the best tasting.

“I liked the bold e-cigs the best,” said one judge.  “The throat-hit was perfect and the draw was extremely smooth.”

“The entire line was incredible,” stated another judge.” I was thinking it might be a tobacco company’s but it wasn’t. The vapor tasted just like smoke.”