• April 5, 2020

S&M Brands adds Carnal Ecstasy to its LEX12 product line

lex12 (2)S&M Brands is launching its LEX12 product at the Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo (TPC), Jan. 28–29, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

S&M Brands offers Carnal Ecstasy in all of its LEX12 product categories, including cigars, e-liquids and vapor products.

The Carnal Ecstasy line adds eight new retail stock-keeping units (SKUs) to the 105 retail SKUs added in 2014. Steven Bailey, president of S&M Brands, explains, “We are treating the LEX12 brand line as a whole new growth category in the industry. Our LEX12 products have enjoyed accelerated traction at the wholesale and retail levels, showing growth in sales and profitability per unit.”

S&M Brands developed Carnal Ecstasy over a span of two years to perfect the velvety, sweet aroma of apricot blended with savory touches of a fine after-dinner drink.