• August 12, 2020

Oplus releases e-liquid ingredient traceability system

Oplus Tech has uploaded a live video of its latest e-liquid manufacturing process to its website. The video is intended to demonstrate the company’s confidence and transparency.

“The one thing that most vapers worry about is whether the e-liquid they are vaping every day is safe or not and how or where the e-liquid is made,” says Samuel Lau, vice president and co-founder of Oplus. “It worries us as well. Oplus has world-class manufacturing conditions and is committed to producing the best and safest e-liquid in the world, but the ‘Made-in-China’ label has made all that effort seem meaningless. That’s why we are broadcasting the real time manufacturing video. We hope this will bridge the gap between worldwide vapers and our products.”

Oplus has a Class-10,000 clean workshop that complies with China’s national GB50457-2008 standard for the pharmaceutical industry. The water and air-purification system guarantees a clean environment with constant temperature and humidity for e-liquid mixing and bottling.