• August 12, 2020

Vapor Hub International presents revolutionary and affordable

Vapor Hub International has released its Limitless Mod.

Since its launch, the company has generated more than $182,000 in revenue from the product, with profit margins in excess of 60 percent. More than 3,600 units have been sold.

“This revolutionary new mod is affordable, high performing and customizable for larger shops, all of which increases sales for Vapor Hub,” said Kyle Winther, CEO. “The Limitless Mod is designed with minimal parts to make it cost-efficient for consumers, wholesale clients and distributors. By reducing the amount of parts, we are able to retail the Limitless Mod for $99.”

“Vapor Hub has developed a first-of-its-kind button design that rides on a rail system that gives consumers the smoothest button feel, as well as maximum conductivity,” said Jake Perlingos, president and chief technology officer. “This innovative button design can be patented to secure the intellectual property for an innovation that no one else in the industry has accomplished.”

“Not only is the Limitless Mod affordable, we have developed an interchangeable sleeve design where consumers can purchase new sleeve colors and designs at a $24 retail price point and completely change the look and feel of their vape mod, without having to spend $200 or more on a new vape mod,” said Winther. “We have had tremendous positive feedback from our wholesale clients, as well as retail customers.”