• April 3, 2020

Swisher forms vapor-product company

US-based Swisher International has formed a new ‘sister’ company, E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), to focus on developing, marketing and distributing electronic cigarettes and electronic vaping products, according to a CSPNet (Convenience Store/Petroleum) story.

John Miller, Swisher senior vice president of sales and marketing who will serve also as the CEO of EAS, said EAS had the ambition to become a market leader in the evolving e-alternative category – “just as Swisher has in the tobacco market for over 150 years”.

Meanwhile, Jacopo D’Alessandris, who has been appointed president of EAS, said the “e-cigarette and vapor space” had been growing rapidly but was still in its infancy. “Breakthrough technology and innovative marketing, coupled with Swisher’s expertise in the tobacco space, will be the key ingredients I will focus on to build EAS’ success,” he said.

Initially, EAS will offer two proprietary liquid vapor product lines. It is testing the products in select markets and selling them online. The liquids, which are used in electronic vapor devices, are manufactured in the US.