Madvapes expands store locations across U.S.

Madvapes, a leading retailer in e-cigarette stores and a producer of premium e-liquids, has announced an expansion into Savannah, Georgia, USA, with the opening of two new locations.

The addition of the Savannah locations follows the recent conversion of five locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, and increases Madvapes’ total footprint to over 70 U.S. locations in eight U.S. states. Madvapes, through several acquisitions, has tripled store locations since June. In addition to the Savannah market, Madvapes has agreements signed to open additional locations in Georgia and several stores in Virginia in early November.

The recent growth is an effort to provide the finest selection of products to a wide range of customers in clean, relaxing stores that have exceptional customer service.

“We are very excited about the recent growth of Madvapes locations around the United States,” says Madvapes chairman Mark Kehaya. “Our goal is to create the best customer experience and continue to bring new products to market and have them accessible in modern and convenient locations for all customers.”