• August 12, 2020

Durham bans public vaping

Ground zero for filtered smokes has failed smokers trying to quit. Durham County, North Carolina, USA, where the filtered cigarette was invented, has closed a loophole that allowed the use of vapor products in public places. The ban took effect January 1, 2016.

“The enforcement part will come into play in July of 2016,” said health department director Gayle Harris. “We’re going to spend the next six months putting the signage up, educating people and doing a better job campaigning. What we’ve seen with the introduction of electronic nicotine delivery systems has been an uptick in the use with teenagers. We certainly don’t want to create an environment that sends the message that smoking is okay.”

Harris said non-smoking areas will be designated with the standard no smoking sign, but these areas will also include a sign that lets residents know e-cigarettes are not allowed. “There is now a universal symbol for electronic nicotine delivery systems that will also be included within a circle with a line through it,” she said.”