• April 2, 2020

Certified vape lounge in Georgia

Smart Spark Vape + Lounge has opened a new location in Summerville, Georgia, USA.

Open since Feb. 1, the shop is the company’s fourth location in Northwest Georgia. The company plans to open up to 10 additional locations in the Greater Atlanta area over the next few years.

To stay one step ahead of the curve, Smart Spark says it will be the first vaping franchise to control the production of its e-liquids. The Summerville location will feature an AEMSA-certified “clean room,” which was built in anticipation of upcoming FDA standards.

The clean room allows Smart Spark to mix e-liquids in a controlled environment on site. It will also allow the company to control the quality and consistency of its e-liquid products. The shop will serve as a distribution center for all Smart Spark lounges.