• April 9, 2020

Guide to navigating ‘tricky’ laws

Tasker Payment Gateways has developed an info page to help e-cigarette retailers, distributors and online vendors understand some of the complexities involved with selling e-cigarettes, especially online.

According to Tasker Payment Gateways, regulations on both physical retailers and internet sales in the U.S. can be unclear. As the online guide explains, “most state laws regarding e-cigarettes pertain to physical retailers and distributors. But some states are starting to directly regulate the online sale of e-cigarettes in order to close the loopholes some feel minors use to purchase vapor products.”

Many states have declared e-cigarettes as tobacco products, while other states classify them as a separate product that is exempt from tobacco-related restrictions.

This can make understanding state laws very tricky.

“The best rule of thumb is to know the tobacco laws for each state and abide by them, except in cases where alternative laws regulating e-commerce exist,” the guide advises. “If in any doubt, consult an attorney familiar with your business model and the states in question.”