• August 9, 2020

RJR Vapor presents new power unit

vuse-fob-webR.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. is introducing its Vuse Fob power unit with Bluetooth technology in the United States.

“We are excited about bringing this truly innovative device to adult tobacco consumers, and we believe it will get a lot of attention because nothing else like it exists in the market today,” said Carlos Lindo, president of RJR Vapor Co. “Vuse Fob has state-of-the-art technology built in, and the design is sleek and sophisticated.”

Vuse Fob power units fit in the palm of the hand and are pocket-friendly. An on-device display provides real-time information about battery and cartridge levels, and gives consumers the ability to dim the display.

The device can be paired with a mobile app that has several features, including two locks, a hard lock and a proximity lock, that prevent youth and/or others from using the device. The mobile app also gives more detailed information about battery and cartridge levels.

Vuse Fob works with the same Vuse cartridges as Vuse Solo and Vuse Connect. The cartridges are available at retail stores nationally.

Vuse cartridges fit into the device and are retractable, minimizing the exposure of the mouthpiece to dirty surfaces.

“Vuse Fob has several distinguishing features, and it is tapping into the emerging trend of ‘The Internet of Things,’ seamlessly connecting everyday physical devices to the world of smartphones, computers and tablets,” Lindo said. “We continue to innovate in the smoke-free vapor space to make products that meet the rapidly changing demands of adult tobacco consumers. This is truly transforming the tobacco industry.”