• August 7, 2020

JTI launches Logic Pro across UK

JTI’s New Logic PRO tank e-cigarettes have been available at Sainsbury’s stores in the UK since January, but were launched nationwide this month. The release will be boosted with a TV and outdoor media campaign beginning May 1. logic pro

Tanks are the cartridges that hold the e-cigarette’s vaping liquid and can be replaced when empty, according to an article in City A.M.

The launch comes a year after JTI bought one of the United States’ leading independent e-cigarette makers, Logic, last April. Founded in 2010, Logic specialized in rechargeable, ready-to-use and disposable e-cigarettes, including the Logic Pro tank system.

Around 85 percent of vapers use tank e-cigarettes, equating to around two million regular users in the UK.