• August 7, 2020

Vapor underground in Dubai

Despite a ban on selling electronic cigarettes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), several retailers at the Chinese-themed Dragon Mart in Dubai told The National newspaper that they could get the devices.

Although they did not have the devices in their possession, the retailers said they could get them withinIMG_3047 five minutes.

Much like the EU, many parts of the world see electronic cigarettes as hugely less-risky substitutes for traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Two years ago, The National reported that retailers at the mall were flouting the ban by selling the devices in their shops, many of them unaware that a ban was even in place.

Now, it seems they are being more careful, but electronic cigarettes are still available for between Dh200 and Dh300.

One Dragon Mart retailer, who had pictures of different types of electronic cigarettes on his phone, said that he sold at least a few of the devices a week but that he kept them at another location to avoid being fined.

A spokesman for Nakheel Retail, which operates Dragon Mart, said in 2014 that it did not condone the actions of such retailers.

“Tenants are always required to be in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations,” the spokesman said.

“Any instances of non-compliance brought to the attention of the mall management is dealt with in accordance with the tenancy contract, including advising the appropriate officials of the law enforcing agencies.”