• August 5, 2020

Sevia USA joins VTA

Sevia USA has joined the Vapor Technology Association (VTA), a leading advocate of the vapor industry in the United States. Created in 2016, Sevia USA is committed to assisting advocacy groups fight the unfair regulation of vapor products as tobacco products, ensure the affordability and accessibility of vapor products as a healthier alternative to tobacco and enforce strict industry standards to guarantee consumer safety.

Sevia USA’s founding members, who are each vapor industry leaders, include Tony Liu, president and founder of Aspire, Danny Zhu, president and founder of Kangertech, James Li, president and founder of Innokin and Henry Chen, president and founder of Smok.

These owners, along with the other Sevia members and liquid manufacturers, understand how important it is for their products to remain on the market so that smokers have the choices they need to transition to a less harmful alternative.

“Sevia USA is uniquely aware of what is at stake if the reckless and irresponsible regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration are left to stand. Like VTA, we believe in a legislative solution that will preserve our industry while establishing strong industry standards to protect consumers, “said Dimitris Agrafiotis, Sevia USA’s executive director. “VTA has the tools necessary to provide effective advocacy for our industry in the United States, and we are excited to support their efforts.”

“VTA is committed fighting the irresponsible laws and regulations that threaten to endanger public health while changing the conversation around vapor products.” said Tony Abboud, VTA’s National Legislative Director.

“As our newest partner, Sevia USA truly understands the importance of creating laws and regulations that honor the innovative spirit on which this country thrives by working with our elected officials to come up with solutions that not only keep vapor products on the shelves, but also ensure the safety of consumers. Together we will continue to take that fight to Washington.”