• August 5, 2020

Distribution of VUSE VIBE expanded

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company is expanding distribution of its VUSE VIBE closed-tank system to more than 25,000 stores across the U.S. this month.

“VUSE VIBE takes the popular vape pen format and simplifies it for adult tobacco consumers,” said president Brian Stebbins. “VUSE VIBE has more liquid, a bigger, longer-lasting battery and more vapor production than VUSE SOLO. It also has pre-filled tanks, so there is no mess from pouring liquids that comes with some products in the market.  It’s the perfect combination of performance and simplicity.”vuse-vibe

“The device is sold at retail with a rechargeable battery, a pre-filled 2 ml. tank and a USB charger,” RJR Vapor said in a note posted on the Reynolds American website. “Sealed, pre-filled replacement tanks for VUSE VIBE are available at retail in packs of two.”

Tanks for VIBE hold four times the amount of liquid as VUSE SOLO and feature a more powerful battery that lasts longer than the SOLO battery. VUSE VIBE is available in four styles, including Original, Melon, Mint and Nectar.

VIBE uses puff activation, meaning there are no buttons to push or settings to figure out.

“This is the logical next step for VUSE, which has established itself as the vapor authority with VUSE SOLO,” Stebbins said. “VUSE VIBE addresses much of what we have learned from adult tobacco and vapor consumers during SOLO’s climb to the top spot at retail.  This is another example of our commitment to leading the transformation of the tobacco industry.”