• April 6, 2020

Australian vapers await breakthrough

Next year could mark a breakthrough for the Australian electronic cigarette market, with the regulator due to review a proposal that electronic cigarettes could be allowed subject to a maximum nicotine concentration, according to a story by David Palacios on ecigintelligence.com.

At present, all nicotine-containing products for therapeutic use must be approved as ‘registered’ medicines in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods before they can be marketed, but to date, no such approval has been granted.vaper-at-show

But, Palacios said, a new proposal put to the Therapeutic Goods Administration by the New Nicotine Alliance Australia (NNAA), an independent consumer association, sought to make nicotine e-liquids legal from mid-2017 provided they did not exceed a maximum nicotine concentration.

‘Though each state and territory sets its own regulations, e-cig products containing nicotine are effectively prohibited across Australia, as nicotine is classed as a poison,’ he said.

‘The NNAA application suggests an exemption to this law for nicotine concentrations of 3.6 percent or less for e-cig systems.’

Palacios said that a decision was expected by March 2017 and possible implementation by June 2017.

The full story is at: http://ecigintelligence.com/australia-decides-whether-to-give-green-light-to-low-nicotine-e-cigs/