• August 5, 2020

Wisconsin community to question ‘coordination’ from U.S. FDA

It could be a major oversight by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Village of Hartland, Wisconsin, USA will conduct a public hearing related to “coordination and lack of coordination” by the FDA and other agencies regarding deeming regulations on vapor products.

Federal and state statutes require administrative agencies to “coordinate” with local governments in developing and implementing plans, policies and management actions. These statutes create a process allowing local governments to have an equal voice in negotiations, especially on issues related to a community’s economic stability and social and cultural cohesiveness. 

The hearing board will consist of elected and appointed officials representing the Village of Hartland and surrounding areas, and will begin at 5:30pm on April 27 in the board room of the Heartland’s municipal building, (210 Cottonwood Avenue, Hartland, Wisconsin, 53029).

According to a release from David Cox, village administrator for Hartland, the meeting will allow officials and citizens to question and present evidence regarding government action on six major issues stemming from the FDA’s deeming rule, including:

1) Whether the federal Food and Drug Administration coordinated with the Village of Hartland and other local governments regarding the implementation of the FDA Deeming Regulations

2) Whether the FDA Deeming Regulations are based on sound science verified under the federal Data Quality Act

3) Whether the Food and Drug Administration vetted its Deeming Regulations under and within the provisions of the Regulatory Flexibility Act

4) Whether the Food and Drug Administration established a standard by which its Deeming Regulations were developed and whether within the Regulations there is created a standard by which their impact can be measured for purposes of the due process clause of the United States and State of Wisconsin Constitutions and the provisions of the United States Civil Rights Act of 1866.

5) Whether Food and Drug or any other agency including but not limited to the Environmental Protection Agency has coordinated with the Village of Hartland regarding the Executive Order 13777 as to review of all regulations from the standpoint of adverse impact.

6) Whether other issues regarding the regulations may impact the communities and the rights of businesses and individuals affected thereby.

Anyone who wishes to testify should contact David Cox, Village Administrator, at 262.367.2714 or by email at davidc@villageofhartland.com no later than thirty minutes prior to the start of the hearing.