• August 7, 2020

Common ground for low risk

Vapers should give some thought to snus, because the fight for snus is the fight for vaping, according to the director of scientific communications at the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association (CASAA), Dr. Brian Carter.

Writing on the CASAA website after attending the first-ever snus convention in the US, at St. Louis, Missouri, Carter said that snus was low risk for much the same reason electronic cigarettes were low risk: its consumption involved no combustion.

‘Winning the public’s hearts and minds for one is a win for both,’ he wrote.handshake-web

‘Vapers may grumble about the powerful forces that lie about and seek to destroy the products we credit with saving our lives, but the snus world has been dealing with this for the past several decades. Make no mistake, the playbook that’s been used in an attempt to destroy smokeless tobacco is the very same one being used on e-cigarettes today.

‘This is why vapers should respect and seek alliance with our snus using brothers and sisters. Together, we just might form an unstoppable force that politicians will be forced to yield to.

‘History is replete with small events involving just a few people getting together and triggering massive changes in culture and politics. Something is brewing, something big, among the lovers of the most popular low-risk tobacco product…’

Carter’s piece is at: http://casaa.org/news/there-was-a-snus-convention-in-st-louis/.