• August 7, 2020

PLOOM in Switzerland

Japan Tobacco International on Friday launched PLOOM TECH in Switzerland, the first launch of its tobacco vapor product outside Japan.

In a press note issued on its website, JTI said PLOOM TECH would be available nationwide in more than 1,500 stores.

It said also that the newly-launched tobacco-vapor product was the first of its kind to be sold in Switzerland. ‘With its state of the art technology, PLOOM TECH enables consumers to enjoy tobacco with “no smoke, smoke smell or ash” by indirectly heating tobacco through a vapor,’ the note said.

“We are very excited to be the first country outside Japan to introduce PLOOM TECH,” John Aurlund, JTI’s Switzerland general manager, was quoted as saying. “It is quite fitting that a technologically advanced product like PLOOM TECH begins its international adventure here in Switzerland, a country renowned for quality, precision and innovation.”

JTI said that PLOOM TECH created a tobacco-enriched vapor using a hybrid technology that heated a non-nicotine liquid that was passed through a capsule containing granulated tobacco. ‘In doing so, the tobacco is heated at around 30 degrees Celsius,’ the note said. ‘No combustion is created throughout the process and recent studies show an approximately 99 percent reduction in levels of measured constituents compared to cigarette smoke. This means that PLOOM TECH has strong potential to be a reduced risk product, while retaining all the joys and pleasures of tobacco including its authentic flavor.’

“The technology behind PLOOM TECH provides a real potential to reduce the health risks compared to smoking, while maintaining a true tobacco taste,” said Yasuhiro Nakajima, JTI’s vice president of Emerging Products. “Its innovative technology combines the best of both tobacco and e-cigarettes, adding an entirely new concept to our ever-growing portfolio in emerging products. We look forward to introducing it to Europe, one of the largest vaping markets in the world.”

PLOOM TECH is said to create no mess and to require no cleaning. ‘Other unique attributes include the ability to use the device over several separate occasions without having to dispose of the tobacco capsule,’ the note said. ‘It is also exceptionally light and comes with a long-lasting battery which runs through an entire refill pack before recharging is required.

‘PLOOM TECH is available across Switzerland in Coop Pronto and in other selected Coop and Kiosk stores. It comes in a combo kit, containing the device and a refill pack of Winston tobacco capsules, at a total price of CHF25. A refill pack, available in “balanced” or “cool purple”, sells at CHF7.50.’