• August 9, 2020

Chinese government allegedly seizes more than $15 million in heat-not burn products

A Chinese news outlet is reporting that “millions of dollars” worth of heat-not-products have been seized in China and 13 suspects are under arrest. According to Modern Gold News the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau led a joint operation to confiscate more than $15 million in hardware and tobacco sticks.

In August 2017, Yinzhou District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Inspection Brigade received a report from the several individuals that (commercial outlets) were wantonly selling a “cigarette branch” that does not burn and ancillary smoking sets. These products were reportedly discovered to be iQOS heat-not-burn products and Marlboro Heatsticks along with various other heat-not-burn products, according to the news report.

Vapor products were not involved in the incident.

At present, nine of the suspects have been arrested according to law and the other four are released on bail pending further investigation.

The story can be found here (it must be translated in your browser): http://bit.ly/2n98VAC