• August 7, 2020

Thai beach smoking ban includes vapor products

Enforcement of Thailand’s ban on smoking on the beach begins Thursday, Feb. 1, and Pattaya officials are spending the final few days letting everyone know what’s coming. The ban also includes vaping products, however, it is somewhat unclear if vapor products are even legal in the country.

Scene’s like this are rare in Thailand. This vaper in Koh Samui, Thailand could face fines or even jail.

Mayor Anan Charoenchasri led a Jan. 19 quit-smoking event on Jomtien Beach with officials from the Disease Control Department, Pattaya police representatives, and Marine and Coastal Resources Management Office 2 to tout the Feb. 1 start of enforcement of the ban that became law last year, according to an article in the Pattaya Mail.

There is currently no direct ban on vaping or vapor products in Thailand. Instead, Thai customs officials claim that vapor products are considered “goods that have not been taxed” and are “therefore illegal to import or export.”

Anan has given authority to implement the ban to the Marine and Coastal Resources office. However, police and municipal officers also will be enforcing the ban and can heavily fine or arrest smokers lighting up outside designated areas.