• April 2, 2020

Into the Cosmic Fog

The Netherlands-based Fontem Ventures said today that it had acquired an equity stake in Cosmic Fog Vapors, which it described as ‘an iconic innovator in high quality e-vapor liquids’.

‘Founded in 2013 [in California, US] by Brant Peto and Rob Crossley, Cosmic Fog has an excellent reputation for developing unique flavours with significant appeal to adult vapers,’ Fontem said in a press note. ‘Their products are sold in more than 5,000 vape stores in the USA and in more than 60 countries around the world.’

Liquids are the largest contributor to the value of the global e-vapor sector.Into the Cosmic Fog

“[W]e’re excited about this partnership with Cosmic Fog,” said Fontem’s CEO, Titus Wouda Kuipers (pictured). “Working alongside them shows our commitment to seeing the vaping category grow and prosper.

“Becoming a partner in Cosmic Fog demonstrates that we love their passion and entrepreneurship. We see a great opportunity to learn from their expertise, particularly in the vape shop sales channel.

“Cosmic Fog will continue to do what it does best – develop unique, high quality liquids with huge appeal to adult vapers.”

Meanwhile, Peto said the partnership allowed Cosmic Fog to leverage Fontem’s experience in e-vapor, including in regulatory compliance, ensuring that Cosmic Fog’s customers enjoyed continued access to its products as international e-vapor markets matured.

And Crossley was quoted as saying the partnership was hugely beneficial, not only to Cosmic Fog but to the category as a whole, because it demonstrated Fontem’s support for a variety of vaping formats, including open systems.