• April 2, 2020

Glas going to Avail

Avail Vapor, a leading premium e-liquid manufacturer and retail business, announced today that California-based hardware and e-liquid brand Glas joined Avail’s manufacturing roster. Avail will now manufacture select e-liquid products from Glas’ Basix line for national and international distribution. The partnership comes through the company’s e-liquid contract manufacturing services division.

In addition, Avail will also begin selling six select e-liquids from Glas’ Basix line in each of its 101 stores. The partnership marks Avail’s fifth unique manufacturing and selling agreement with an international brand. The company now devotes 30 percent of space in its stores to products from other brands.

“We love offering a variety of high-quality e-liquid options from international brands,” said James Xu, CEO of Avail. “These award-winning flavors in the Basix line from Glas have gone through our rigorous manufacturing process and mirror our own quality standards, so we know our customers will enjoy them.”

Avail provides full-service manufacturing –  including labeling and packaging – for Glas. Avail has an in-house, state-of-the-art ISO Certified 6 cleanroom in addition to its advanced analytical testing lab located in Richmond, Virginia.

“At Glas we are 100 percent committed to providing top-of-the-line products,” said company founder, Sean Glas. “In our ever-changing industry, we provide peace of mind to our customers who know that we will always go above and beyond industry standards in flavor design and manufacturing quality. We feel the same about Avail, and we are thrilled with this partnership.”

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