• August 9, 2020

E-cigs struggling in US

While the number of people in the US who tried electronic cigarettes increased between 2014 and 2016, the number of people who used these products fell, according to a storyby Tom Snee, of the University of Iowa, citing the results of a new study.

In the story, posted on the futurity.org website, Snee said that researchers had analyzed national data from more than 101,000 people in the US who had participated in the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

‘Since 2014, the NHIS has asked adult participants whether they currently use e-cigarettes every day, some days, or not at all,’ he said.

‘The findings, which appear in the Journal of the American Medical Association, show that the number of adults who tried e-cigarettes increased – from 12.6 percent in 2014 to 13.9 percent in 2015 and 15.3 percent in 2016.

‘However, during the same time period, the number of people who said they currently use e-cigarettes “every day” or “some days” decreased – from 3.7 percent in 2014 to 3.5 percent in 2015 to 3.2 percent in 2016.