• August 7, 2020

Another vaping myth debunked

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that electronic-cigarette vapor contains no more formaldehyde than the level present in the average US home, according to a story by Matt Rowland for vapes.com.

The CDC recently published the results of an air-quality study entitled Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop, which was published on the CDC website.

In addition to testing the quality of the air inside the vape shop, the CDC swabbed countertops, storage systems, and commonly-touched surfaces located in the back of the store.  They swabbed the fingers and hands of several employees.

The air quality testing did not produce measurable concentrations of formaldehyde or other toxins. Area sampling results showed that background formaldehyde concentrations were similar to the personal sampling results, the CDC said.

‘Low concentrations of formaldehyde exist in many indoor environments because of off-gassing from furnishings, clothing, and other materials,’ it pointed out.