• August 7, 2020

Evoking a new nicotine era

Voke, the nicotine inhaler that was granted a medicinal-product licence in the UK in 2014, is expected to be launched onto the market next year.

In a press note issued earlier today, Kind Consumer Holdings Limited, the company behind Voke (pictured as it was in February 2017), said the product had been delayed getting to market by issues surrounding the scaling-up of its manufacturing process.

However, the company, which in January 2017 took direct responsibility for manufacturing the product, had now raised further funding from existing and new investors, funding that would be used ‘to complete set up of state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity for Voke and to start recruitment of key marketing personnel to support the UK market launch due in 2019’.

“This funding is another step towards commercialisation of Voke, a product which promises to make a real difference to the health burden of smoking by offering an alternative to smoking for smokers and those around them,” Paul Triniman, CEO of Kind Consumer, was quoted as saying.

The Voke 0.45mg Nicotine Inhaler was granted a medicinal product licence from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in September 2014, but it will be launched as an over-the-counter General Sale List product in the UK.

The product delivers a nicotine formulation via a breath-operated valve in a cigarette-sized medical device. Its technology, which is protected by more than 340 granted worldwide patents, contains no electronics, and does not use heat or combustion.

Kind Consumer said the 0.45 mg nicotine dose had been clinically proven to provide effective craving relief.

It said the product could be used discreetly, generating no visible exhalation and no odor.Evoking a new nicotine era