• April 2, 2020

FDA to hold hearing to discuss drug therapies to treat teen addiction to e-cigarettes

The U.S, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a public hearing, to be held Dec. 5, to discuss its efforts to eliminate youth e-cigarette use. In a statement posted on the FDA website, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb wrote that the meeting will have “a focus on the potential role of drug therapies to support cessation among youth, and the issues impacting the development of such therapies for children. This hearing will also give us an opportunity to discuss the need for drug therapies to support youth cessation of other tobacco products, including combustible products, such as cigarettes or cigars, or smokeless tobacco products. All of these tobacco products pose serious dangers to teens’ and adolescents’ health.”

Gottlieb also announced that research on youth nicotine cessation is limited and is mostly for combustible cigarettes, so the FDA is offering new funding opportunities to address the issue.

He also stated that the FDA would announce additional actions in the coming months to address youth vapor and other tobacco products.