• July 10, 2020


The Aegis Legend could be the foundation of a retailer’s high-power mod selection.

By Mike Huml

A self-proclaimed “Indestructible Beast,” the Geek Vape Aegis Legend is a 200 watt, dual 18650 mod that is a waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof workhorse. The design is flashy without being tacky, and its performance is flawless and simple. For vapers looking for the ideal all-around mod with no strings attached and an extremely reasonable price, the Aegis Legend fits the bill perfectly.

The Legend could be considered old-school in a vapor market that is saturated with pod systems and squonk boxes. This piece of hardware features a standard 510 connection, houses two 18650 batteries and can fire with up to 200 watts of power. Minimum resistance is 0.05 ohms, and the maximum resistance varies depending on which mode is selected. Among said modes, the user can choose standard variable wattage, variable power curve (VPC), temperature control for nickel, titanium or stainless steel wire types, and temperature control with a custom temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) for increased customization. Basically, the Aegis Legend covers all the bases.

Many other mods have been pushing the limits of power output for years, either by stretching two batteries up to 220 watts or more or by incorporating a third battery and increasing the power output even further. These higher wattages may contribute to bragging rights, but they do very little to advance vapor technology and offer little value to most vapers. The Aegis Legend keeps it reasonable at a nice, round 200 watts.

Likewise, the temperature control range is standard at 100–315 degrees Celsius. Maximum wire resistance in temperature control mode varies based on the wire type being used, but the ranges are all reasonable. Most coil builds should have no problem falling within range. Temperature control is easy to set by using the menu, and it performs with incredible accuracy.

VPC mode allows the user to set the device so that the power changes automatically over the course of each drag. This serves two functions. First, the Aegis Legend can be set to have a fast ramp-up. If a coil is normally vaped at 50 watts, for example, the device can be set to fire at 70 watts for two seconds then fire at 50 watts until the drag is finished. Second, VPC mode can be used as a makeshift temperature control mode for Kanthal or nichrome.

Using the same coil as an example, the user can set the mod to fire at 70 watts for two seconds in order to get that quick vapor production, then drop down to 50 watts, then 40 watts, then maintain 30 watts for the duration of the drag. Naturally, every coil is different, and the user will need to discover the ideal values, but this mode achieves the same thing as temperature control but with a bit less finesse since true temperature control constantly adjusts the power output. The Aegis Legend allows the user to set five wattage values that activate in sequence starting from the initial button press then changing every two seconds. The automatic cutoff kicks in after 10 seconds in all modes.

The last mode that should be mentioned is bypass mode. While the name would imply that this mode provides direct battery voltage, which would be 7.4 volts in the case of a series configuration mod like the Aegis Legend, it actually provides a consistent 4.2 volts. This is generally preferred over 7.4 volts, as coils made for unregulated mods can be used seamlessly. As such, one can think of this mode as providing the same experience as an unregulated mod that never suffers from voltage drop-off as the battery is depleted.

The Aegis Legend’s menu is very intuitive and visually appealing. It’s small to average in size compared to other mods, but it’s also clear and easy to read. The color scheme can be changed, with options for light blue, dark blue and red. Full instructions are provided in several languages within the included instruction manual, and operation involves combinations of the three buttons as well as clicking the power button a certain number of times. This system should be familiar to anyone who has operated a three-button mod in the past. Functions such as stealth mode, power lock and resistance lock are all present.

Considering the buttons themselves, they feel fantastic. Each provides a quiet but tactile click upon pressing. The plus and minus buttons flare out on the outer edges making them easy to find and press. The fire button is uniquely shaped and encourages thumb firing. The thumb can be comfortably placed on the top corner of the mod and rocked downward to depress the fire button with the underside of the knuckle. The button has a short throw and the same satisfying click as the other two buttons.

Overall, the basic operation and functionality of the Aegis Legend is a shining example of a refined mod. Successful ideas from past mods are incorporated in a streamlined and user-friendly way, while some of the missteps that many mods have taken are omitted. The menu system is familiar and functional, button layout is standard, and the screen is simple and clear yet colorful. Functionally, the Aegis Legend is flawless. Aesthetically, the mod is a gem as well.

The Aegis Legend does not shy away from boldness in terms of how it looks. The core frame is covered in a matte rubbery material, with some metal and leather giving a remarkably sporty look. Other mods have attempted the rugged look in the past, but none have come away with such an appealing design. Geek Vape offers the Aegis Legend in a multitude of colors such as black with red stitching and rusty orange with white stitching, but also more adventurous colors like camo and snakeskin. The range of configurations is vast, and finding an appealing set of colors should be no problem for any buyer.

None of the above features hinder the mod’s comfort either. For those with medium or large hands, the Aegis Legend feels like a chunk of vaping heaven when held. The matte coating in the palm and firm leather under the fingers make this mod feel uniquely rugged and reliable. There’s nothing else on the market quite like it, and it must be felt in order to really be understood. After getting accustomed to so many mods being made of aluminum and plastic, it’s refreshing to see some new materials getting involved.

Additionally, the top of the mod is wide with the 510 connection sitting dead center. Atomizers with diameters up to 25 mm will sit flush within the bounds of the rubber “armor.” Atomizers larger than that may rest atop the edge of the rubber and as such may not be able to be screwed all the way down. However, even 22 mm atomizers will look good atop the Aegis Legend.

A rubber piece next to the atomizer covers the USB port, which is used for firmware upgrades as well as charging. It’s discreet and need not be used often if the users opt for charging the batteries in a dedicated charger. The battery door at the bottom of the mod swings out lengthwise and is attached with a simple latch. Sliding the latch toward the hinge releases the door and allows the batteries to slide out. It’s basic and it works.

Taken as a whole, the Aegis Legend is absolutely amazing for anyone looking for an affordable mod in which the quality far exceeds expectations considering its price. It operates perfectly and looks like a serious piece of hardware without coming off as tacky or abrasive. Geek Vape has long been known for quality products, but the Aegis Legend brings it to a whole new level. All the features found in this mod are, once again, a testament to what years of refinement can produce.

Nothing about the Aegis Legend is unique. Sure, the materials used and the claim that it’s indestructible are rare but not unheard of. Instead, the Aegis Legend is a perfect example of how a manufacturer can draw from the successes and failures of the past to create much better mods in the present.

Believe it or not, there are still many vapers who prefer a more traditional setup: a mod with removable batteries and a 510 atomizer or tank. While pod systems have taken off over the last year or two, advancements in technology for older types of setups have plateaued. As this publication has predicted, the focus has now shifted from innovation to refinement, and the Aegis Legend is a prime example of this shift. It does all the things that any other 200 watt mod can do, but it does all those things flawlessly. It incorporates a stellar design, but that design has purpose. The mod adds that one little extra thing that sets it apart from the rest: so-called indestructibility. It’s drop-proof from a height of 2 meters, waterproof at a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes, and dust resistant and easy to clean.

The Aegis Legend can’t be recommended enough. For vapers who work dirty jobs, this mod has no equal. No other modern device is built to withstand the punishment that the Aegis Legend can take. For everyone else, the Aegis Legend is still a completely viable option. The fact that this mod can withstand some rough situations doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to.

Vapor retailers would be wise to continue carrying products that appeal to all vapers, even those that may now fall into a niche market. At the same time, overstock of antiquated mods is not desirable. The Aegis Legend could be considered the perfect choice as a cornerstone high-power mod. It has all the standard features with familiar operation and nothing extraneous to speak of. It’s rugged and reliable, and it retails between $45 and $60 on average. The Aegis Legend is the result of the culmination of years of trial and error. “The Indestructible Beast,” indeed.

Mike Huml

Mike Huml