• July 9, 2020

Nevada seeking 30 percent wholesale vapor tax

A bill that proposes a 30 percent wholesale tax on vapor products is making its way through the U.S. state of Nevada’s legislature, according to a story on elkodaily.com.

Democratic Sen. Julia Ratti presented SB263 to the joint Assembly Taxation and Senate Revenue committees, framing the bill more as an effort to raise the price of e-cigarettes and curb a rising trend of youth use than to raise coveted tax revenue, according to the story.

The measure, which would impose a 30 percent wholesale tax on vaping products, is projected to raise about $8 million a year — a significant portion of which would flow back to vaping prevention activities.

“Vapor products are harmful, period,” said Michael Hackett, president of the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition. “Hopefully past lessons we’ve learned about tobacco aren’t lost as we confront its future.”