• April 16, 2024

Vape Club celebrates 1.5 million orders in 7 years

 Vape Club celebrates 1.5 million orders in 7 years

When Vape Club was first founded they would hold impromptu team huddle meetings in the car park to discuss the company vision. Vape Club has now announced a major milestone and further expansion.

Now one of the largest vaping retailers in the UK and employing over 60 people, [vapeclub.co.uk] Vape Club is celebrating 1.5 million orders processed, according to a press release.

The success of the company has secured its place as one of the top 350 UK online retailers, according to Internet Retailing UK. They are one of only two dedicated vape retailers to achieve the milestone. The rapid company growth since Vape Club was first founded has led to the creation of two additional companies, Vape Base and All Vape, according to a press release.  

“It’s been an incredible journey for Vape Club over the last 7 years to reach our 1.5 million order milestone. We’ve developed market-leading systems, content and processes [that] set industry standards and in turn help hundreds of thousands of smokers per year make the switch to vaping,” said Vlad Vassiliev, director and founder of Vape Club. “We’ve also been working hard with our shipping partners to extend our same day service dispatch until 6:30 pm and extend our customer support hours to 8am-7pm on weekdays.”