Las Vegas based vapor company sued over use of Cinnabon trademark

The manufacture of tasty treats and mall food court giant Cinnabon is suing a Las Vegas-based vapor company for using its sticky-sweet brand name on some vape products.

Cinnabon, famous for its cinnamon rolls often sold in mall food courts across America, filed a federal lawsuit in Nevada on Monday accusing LLC, an e-liquid company based in Las Vegas, of infringing on its trademark by selling several vaping liquids that are labeled as “Cinnabon” flavored, according to an article a Las Vegas Review-Journal article.

In the complaint, Cinnabon noted that it has licensed its name for various goods over the years, like frozen baked goods, dry baking mixes and even alcohol, according to the article. However, Cinnabon claims it never agreed to allow LiquidChronic to use its brand name for the “Cinnabon” flavored e-cigarette liquids that it sells on its website for as much as $129 for the CBD-infused version.

Lawyers for Cinnabon stated in the complaint that LiquidChronic is “targeting consumers which are familiar with” the famous cinnamon rolls and that the vape company’s unauthorized use of the trademark “is likely to tarnish the Cinnabon Mark and cause a blurring in the minds of consumers” between Cinnabon’s well-known cinnamon rolls and the vaping liquid.