• July 10, 2020

More Pod Than Mod

More Pod Than Mod

The Grimm Kit by Hellvape appeals to intermediate and advanced vapers looking for alternatives.

By Mike Huml

With the recently announced ban of flavors in closed system vapor products, store owners and consumers will both need to adapt. Refillable pods are about to see a jump in popularity given that this will become the most convenient and simple way to vape with flavored e-liquid. As closed system manufacturers adapt, refillable pods for previously closed systems are likely on the way. In the meantime, many refillable pods already exist, and one of the best is the Grimm Kit from Hellvape.

This refillable pod-AIO hybrid was designed by GrimmGreen and OhmBoyOC and has the potential to not only appeal to a wide market but also fill a need for quality open systems. Everything about the Grimm Kit is simple and effective from its aesthetic to its vape quality. Perhaps most importantly, any flavored e-liquid can be used.

The Grimm Kit is more akin to a small box mod rather than a large pod system. Not only can the pod be refilled, but the coil can be replaced as well. This makes the “pod” more like a tank that uses a proprietary connection. It’s much like an AIO except that the tank can be removed. It’s an interesting amalgamation of many product types that has the potential to see wide appeal among all types of vapers. It can be used for either restricted lung hits or mouth-to-lung drags. It has a variety of airflow options, and any type of e-liquid is compatible whether it’s VG-heavy, PG-heavy, high strength, low strength, nic-salt or freebase nicotine; it all works flawlessly.

Two coils are available. The mesh coil has slightly more open airflow, can handle more power and is perfect for restricted lung hits. The wire coil is designed for lower power and has a tighter airflow conducive to mouth-to-lung vaping. Each coil’s airflow can be fine-tuned by adjusting the airflow control ring located on the base of the coil assembly. The mod itself has an old-school OLED screen that displays battery life, coil resistance and a puff counter, and three buttons that allow the user to adjust wattage or voltage.

The Grimm Kit also looks more like a mod than a pod system. It has a sleek metal and rubberized look that’s much more refined than any traditional pod system. The pod is removed by simply pulling it free from the body, but this is only necessary when installing a coil or replacing the pod. The pod is held in place with clips, which affect how easily the pod can be removed but also hold the pod in place more securely.

The sense of security and stability is more important here because the pod refills from the top, and the pod will rarely be removed. The fill port is next to the mouthpiece where a latch slides open to reveal the hole. The pod can be filled with up to 3 mL of e-liquid, a substantial improvement compared to the average 1 mL capacity of most other pod systems.

Luckily, the large capacity is supported by a comparatively large 1200 mAh internal battery. For anyone used to swapping pods and charging batteries multiple times per day, the Grimm Kit will be a massive relief. For light to medium vapers, this means that if the battery is charged overnight and the pod is filled in the morning, realistically the Grimm Kit could last all day or longer. It’s also small enough to be very portable. Although markedly larger than something like the Juul, it will still go anywhere a Juul can. It’s smaller in the frame than a credit card and about 60 percent as wide as a standard deck of playing cards.

The vape quality provided by the Grimm Kit is superb. The flavor representation and vapor production is on par or better than comparable mod/tank kits and far beyond what many pod systems are capable of. Additionally, liquid strength, airflow and heat can all be adjusted and fine-tuned, offering infinitely more options than a standard pod system with minimal complexity.

With just a pinch of patience, closed system users could find themselves transported to a whole new world of vaping quality. In short, the Grimm Kit offers far more than enough positive improvements over closed pod systems to justify upgrading, even considering the slight increase to complexity.

There is the possibility that the Grimm Kit won’t appeal to users of current closed pod systems due to the increased size, button activation and refillable nature. Unfortunately, many people will soon be forced to choose whether they want to continue using closed pod systems and only have access to tobacco and menthol flavors, move to a refillable system or go back to smoking combustible cigarettes. However, there is also the potential for the Grimm Kit to be the perfect transition between pod vaping and mod vaping. While it’s not as simple as a closed system, it’s not difficult to use in the least.

As with many other pod systems, the Grimm Kit can also serve as a dedicated nic-salt vape for more advanced users craving a variety of different vaping styles or as something more discreet and portable than a multi-battery cloud chucker. There is truly something for everyone with this kit, regardless of past vaping experience. With so many people looking to make changes to their vaping setups due to regulation, carrying a device with such wide appeal would be a wise decision.

The Grimm Kit is perfectly positioned to be a staple in any shop. It has everything going for it. It’s designed by knowledgeable and well-known personalities from the vaping community. It’s made by a longtime reputable manufacturer—Hellvape. It’s a refillable device in a time when closed systems are under threat, allowing vapers to still choose among a multitude of flavor options. It’s an upgrade from any closed pod system, and many will not just be looking to replace their closed system but to upgrade as well. It offers top-tier build quality, superb performance and stalwart reliability.

Lastly, it still appeals to intermediate and advanced vapers looking for alternatives to their daily drivers. Perhaps best of all, it’s available right now. Instead of, or in addition to, waiting and hoping that refillable pods become available for products like the Juul, store owners can prepare for the influx of customers looking to find alternatives to their closed pod systems.

Regulation has always been a dirty word in the vapor industry. While light, sensible regulation has always been supported to ensure safety and quality, overstepping leads to nothing but reduced options for consumers, which in turn can only lead to more people smoking and fewer people vaping. However, every challenge offers an opportunity, and the next several months leading to the dreaded premarket tobacco product application deadline will require vapers and store owners to adapt quickly. There is already a demand for alternatives to closed systems, and the Grimm Kit could serve as the perfect option.

Mike Huml

Mike Huml

An enthusiast vaper since 2009, Mike Huml is always trying to get his hands on the newest, shiniest mod. Huml has evaluated countless vaping devices over the years, but you’ll usually find him with a mechanical mod and RDA in-hand, surrounded by an aura of fog. His personal motto: “Happiness is a warm coil.”