Colorado Temporarily Legalizes Online Marijuana Sales

Bowl of cannabis

Colorado has made the online sale of recreational marijuana legal during the coronavirus outbreak.

Marijuana can be purchased online and picked up at the dispensary under the executive order that went into effect on March 20. Delivery is not allowed under the order, however.

Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois and Oregon also allow for the online purchase of recreational marijuana, but the practice is limited because while marijuana is still federally illegal, many credit card companies will not process the purchases.

In some states, marijuana dispensaries are listed as essential businesses and are allowed to stay open during stay-at-home orders.

Some believe that deliveries should also be allowed during the coronavirus crisis. “We need to be able to have as little contact as possible to people,” said Ben Prater, manager of Cannabis Station by Rocky Mountain High in Denver. “If people are sick or if they’re immunocompromised, they don’t need to be leaving their house during this time. So, I think that delivery is just kind of a necessity at this point.”

The online sale of marijuana will be prohibited again once the executive order expires. Colorado emergency rules can only stay in effect for 120 days.