Liquid Reviews – April 2020

It seems like everything is an unknown right now. When will things get back to normal? Is that even a possibility anymore? When it comes to the vapor industry, we aren’t even sure if the premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) due to be turned in to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on May 12 is going to stand. Surely, considering the situation, the FDA and the Maryland judge who set the deadline will allow more time for companies to comply. Numerous businesses have said they have already had to postpone some studies until after people can return to their jobs.

In this issue, we continue to (mostly) review e-liquid brands (maybe not the reviewed flavor) that we expect will file a PMTA. No matter what happens, vape shops are soon going to have to realize that once the PMTA deadline is enforced, there will be fewer e-liquid brands to choose from. There may also be fewer places to buy e-liquid. “Shop owners and manufacturers need to fight through these tough times,” said James Jarvis, a U.S. vape shop owner and president of the Ohio Vapor Technology Association. With any luck, the world returns to normal by next issue.