• September 30, 2020

Oklahoma Raises Purchase Age to 21 for Vapor Products

Credit: Gerson Repreza

The governor of Oklahoma has signed a bill to raise the minimum age to purchase vapor, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to 21 years old. Gov. Kevin Stitt signed it into law on Tuesday morning.

Because the bill contains an emergency clause, the increase went into effect immediately. The bill, S.B. 1423, was approved by the Senate 28-19 in early March, while the House approved it by a 79-20 vote on May 12.

Oklahoma’s laws now match that of the federal government, an increase that came on Dec. 21, 2019. However, due to enforcement largely happening at the local level, many states, counties and cities have had to pass bills or ordinances to change laws to better reflect the 21-year-old minimum.

Additionally, states are passing their own increases as it will allow them to remain eligible for $6.4 million in federal funds that go to the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission, according to a story on Halfwheel.

FDA has stated that it is not yet enforcing the 21-years-old standard through its compliance checks program.