• July 10, 2020

RELX Aims to Serve Adult Consumers, Prevent Youth Use

Credit: RELX

Youth use is a major concern for the vapor industry. RELX Technology today published its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, outlining the concrete steps the company is taking to advance its vision to provide vaping solutions, “while driving operational excellence, managing its social impact and preventing underage use of its products,” according to a press release.

The report provides a comprehensive picture of its CSR activities. Key 2019 highlights, which span a wide range of activities from environmental protection to economic empowerment, include:

RELX opened over 2,500 RELX points of sale and entered over 100,000 retail stores, serving adult consumers in over 40 countries and regions.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company established a support fund of RMB 20 million and provided other support mechanisms, including sending hand sanitizer and masks to RELX stores and partners all over the world.

RELX has installed ID and facial recognition technology in 80% of stores. The pre-purchase age verification process led RELX to refuse to sell products to 2% of store visitors, after they were found to be under-age.

RELX launched 16 anti-counterfeit cases in 2019, leading to the seizure of over 65,000 counterfeit products.

RELX initiated the “Lighten the Burden on Earth” campaign and recovered over 20,000 empty pods in one month.

The company terminated partnerships with close to 1,800 retail stores, which were located too close to schools.

RELX is on course with its business and sustainability ambitions, delivering on its goal to develop viable alternatives to cigarettes, supporting its local communities in times of crises, all while ensuring its products do not fall in the wrong hands.

The report in full is available here on https://relxnow.com/blogs/article/globalcsr.