VPZ Donates £100,000 to Help Frontline Workers Quit Smoking

Doug Mutter

In an effort to help front-line workers quit combustible cigarettes, VPZ is donating £100,000 worth of products. VPZ, the UK’s largest vape retailer, said the initiative was started in order to show appreciation for these workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key workers including police officers, NHS staff and blue light card holders will all be able to benefit from free products as the company says thank you to the frontline people that were tackling the virus head on, according to a press note.

“It has been a long and difficult fight against this pandemic, and it is has been in large part the work of front line staff that we are beginning to see parts of the country reopen and a sense of normality return, said Doug Mutter, director for VPZ. “Now that we have been open for nearly a month, we had a discussion with the all our staff to see how we could give back to the people that have been supporting us, now just as a business but also in keeping us safe during the lockdown. So, we all agreed to offer free products to the front-line staff.”

Mutter says that there is no catch, and the initiative is just a simple thank you. Customers only need to visit VPZ’s website, register with their photo ID card. Customers will then be emailed a voucher that can redeem in any VPZ store.

There is a wide range of devices available from beginner devices to advanced mods.

“We have tried to cater for as many different types of vapers as we can. We know many front-line workers have wanted to quit smoking but not had the time or opportunity to test out devices to find the right one for them,” said Mutter. “”Our customers and each of their unique requirements are always top of mind, with that we’ve made sure that even on a free giveaway, customers can choose from a range of devices that will suit their specific needs.”

Mutter says the greatest challenge for many smokers is finding the right advice and guidance with vape stores being closed during lockdown. Many customers have turned back to smoking so it is critical for VPZ to offer as many options as possible to help them quit tobacco for good, said Mutter.

“Stop smoking services have also been slashed across the country and with us now re-open we have a lot of smokers who are looking to quit but are stuck without proper guidance,” he said. “We know that a lot of smokers have used the lockdown as a time to finally quit smoking, but front line workers have been very busy so we hope that our donation can go some way to helping any who do smoke an opportunity to use this offer for them to quit and our way of saying thank you.”

Customers can check their eligibility and register for their free product here: https://vpz.co.uk/pages/key-workers-device-giveaway?mc_cid=58a0d0cea4&mc_eid=[UNIQID]. Once registered customers will receive an email voucher which can be redeemed in any of VPZ’s more than 150 stores in the UK.