• August 11, 2020

Vape Stop to Launch e-Commerce Site for UAE Vapers

Vape Stop is set to launch its e-commerce store and distribution arm in UAE this year. All products sold on the Vape Stop store are approved by Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology (ESMA), the UAE government body that governs and approves a variety of products including electronic nicotine products for import and sale in the country.

Anant Jangwal / Credit: Vape Stop

ESMA has put in place a comprehensive procedure for approvals for electronic nicotine products since April 2019, which fosters quality and tested products are brought in the UAE market. With Dubai as its hub, the company plans to cater to the audience in Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Vape Stop will showcase international vape brands from US, Canada, UK and Malaysia in UAE, along with offering a premium buying experience including superior packaging, customer service, post-delivery care etc.

The selection process for these top-quality devices and flavours is rigorous wherein multiple focus groups are conducted to analyse which e-liquids and devices best fit the profile of UAE’s adult smokers. Vape Stop has also curated special combos for novice adult vapers such as ‘Savvy Collector’ and ‘Progressive Adopter’, that come with a pre-set combination of a vape device and e liquids.

“As per studies, over 64 million people will switch to vaping devices instead of smoking traditional cigarettes over the next few years, and we believe that Dubai is set to provide a global platform for an industry expected to be worth $53.4 billion by 2024,” said Vape Stop founder Anant Jangwal, We will also be showcasing some of the latest innovations during ‘The World Vape Expo’ in Dubai which is slated to go online for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope to replace combustible cigarettes with electronic nicotine delivery systems for a smoke free future by 2030, by catering to adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking traditional cigarettes.”