• May 28, 2024

Hoffmann Webinar on Cannabis Packaging

 Hoffmann Webinar on Cannabis Packaging
Illustration: Hoffmann Neopac

Hoffmann Neopac will host a webinar exploring best packaging practices for the burgeoning North American cannabis market. Scheduled for Sept. 29 at 2 pm EST, the hour-long webinar will feature executive-level Hoffmann Neopac presenters well-versed in the cannabis packaging landscape.

The presentation will feature customer case studies, in which cannabis manufacturers who have partnered with Hoffmann Neopac share insight on differentiating brands in an increasingly competitive marketplace via child-resistant, sustainable packaging solutions.

Those attending will receive an in-depth overview on the state-by-state U.S. medicinal and recreational regulations, and on business trends for various cannabis formats—including edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, tobacco and creams—on which marijuana is leaving its mark. Presenters will also provide an update on the sector’s strength as it emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The webinar will also highlight Hoffmann Neopac’s dual packaging specialties—tins and tubes—and how they can be employed to meet child-resistance requirements and sustainability demands while providing exemplary product protection and on-shelf aesthetics.