EAS Launches ‘The Smart Choice’ to Help Retailers

Leap vapor products
Credit: EAS

A new loyalty program aims to help retailers increase turnover of high-quality vaping products. E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), a manufacturer of consumer-centric brands, announced the launch of its “The Smart Choice” loyalty rewards campaign to support its Leap and Leap Go vapor products.

EAS submitted its premarket tobacco product applications (PMTA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Leap and Leap Go products in June of this year. The company received its acceptance and filing letters from the FDA in early July. Leap offers a wide variety of menthol and tobacco flavors in multiple nicotine levels, while Leap Go has three blends, including mint and mango.

The campaign improves on EAS’s Leap Smart Rewards program “to foster adult consumer loyalty and recurring revenue for retailers by providing adult consumers with points for purchases that can be redeemed for cash gift cards or gift cards to hundreds of choice retailers and restaurants,” according to a press release.

As part of this campaign, yellow promotional stickers on products provide extra points towards rewards, and Leap Device Kits can be found for $0.99 in many retail locations throughout the US, said Jacopo D’Alessandris, president and CEO of EAS.

Jacopo D’Alessandris

“We have already seen significant appreciation for and entry into the Leap Smart Rewards program, which was developed to provide adult consumers the kind of value they’re looking for in these times,” said D’Alessandris. “From the trial promotion price for the device kits, to the bonus offers encouraging the purchase of a second product, we are taking an aggressive position to reinforce to adult consumers that Leap products are the smart choice when making a vapor purchase. We plan to continue investing in this and other initiatives to grow loyalty, brand awareness and sales.”

Smart Rewards points can be earned through the purchase of products, taking a survey or referring a friend. Points are redeemable from codes in Leap and Leap Go packaging. For this campaign, Leap Smart Rewards point values have increased to 25 points for most Leap and Leap Go products during a time when value is even more important for adult tobacco consumers, the release states.

“Promotional inventory has already begun shipping out, and early indications are that both Smart Rewards and the $0.99 device kits are performing as intended,” said Jeffrey Brown, vice president of sales for EAS. “Our retail base stands to be rewarded on both the device kit and corresponding pod sales at store level, as we do not sell Leap products online.”

Additionally, as part of its ongoing commitment to its partners to drive business and increase visibility of Leap products, EAS will continue supporting retailers with a 100 percent product guarantee as well as regulatory and compliance expertise.