• July 21, 2024

China: Government May Boost Oversight of Vapor Market

 China: Government May Boost Oversight of Vapor Market

Credit: Timothy S. Donahue

Photo: Taco Tuinstra

The Chinese government may tighten its grip on e-cigarettes, according to a new report from eCigIntelligence.

Legally, the China National Tobacco Co. (CTNC) has a monopoly over both combustible and vapor products, but the organization has not exercised its authority to date. According to the report, that could change in the future.

There are three possible scenarios, according to the market intelligence provider: “One possible scenario is that the government may allow private companies to continue operations but under close observation to ensure their products do not target non-smokers or minors.

“The government could also decide to crack down on the e-cig market, which as the report explains would have a significant negative impact on the growth in sales of tobacco-alternative products in the country. A third scenario would involve the China National Tobacco Company extending its existing control over traditional cigarettes to vaping products.”