• January 19, 2021

Missoula County Provisionally Expands Vape Ban

The Missoula County Commissioners in Montana has provisionally voted to expand the city’s vape ban five miles beyond city limits in what commissioner’s say is an effort to reduce youth access to vape products.

vaping products
Credit: Antonin Fels

The ordinance restricts self-service display of all vaping and tobacco products and prohibits the sale of flavored e-liquids and other tobacco products, according to an article on khq.com. The approval is provisional, meaning it will be discussed again on Jan. 28 before there is a final vote of approval.

Public comment is available online, via mail or at the county commissioners meeting on Jan. 28.

In late November, the City of Missoula, Montana banned flavored vaping products and not flavored combustible tobacco products. Now, Missoula County is considering using its extraterritorial powers to extend the city’s ban on the sale of flavored vapes and their display five miles outside city limits next week.