SwissX Warns Shops of Selling Patent Infringing Products

Swissx Labs sent a cease and desist letter to hundreds of companies today demanding they stop selling Juul and other companies that manufacturer patent infringing products within 30 days. The goal is to protect the public from dangerous unapproved uses of its inventor’s IP, according to a press release.

Credit: Bill Oxford

The cease and desist letter demands that stores and chains remove vape products made by Juul and others from their shelves or risk being included in the massive lawsuit already underway for patent infringement. SwissX says it is concerned about the integrity of its inventor’s patent, as well as the safety of the public who may be being put in danger by infringing products.

When the suit is done it is expected the final penalty will top infamous cases on the level of the Enron scandal, the release states. Recipients of the cease and desist letter include 7-11, Speedway, Casey’s, Cumberland Farms, Quick Stop, AMPM, Wawa, ExtraMile and other roadside favorites. Also receiving the letter are major tobacco shop chains such as the 800+ store Smoker Friendly chain. They have 30 days to comply.

“We don’t want innocent retailers to get swept up in this,” said Rudy Delarenta, senior vice president of sales and marketing for SwissX. “That’s why we’re giving them 30 days notice to pull Juul’s infringing products. But if they refuse, we’ll do what we have to do.”